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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ahhh... The SEO campaigns keep growing.

We launced an SEO Campaign for Triple K Industries and in 2 Days, FRONT PAGE!

Ok folks we are going to introduce you to a marketing campaign that was driven with no content, no design, no brand identity and no website, well no real website anyways. Triple K Industries is a company that specializes in selling Custom Tow Truck Underlifts and Add on Underlifts for trucks. The concept was simple, generate very good, compelling content about the differences between Undelrifts and Underlift Attachments. Triple K Industries has an Amazing product and we want to bring that to light! Well, we sure did that! Walibu Created an amazing site design, followed by an even better lead generation system that pours in the leads from every angle.

What's Next for the Triple K SEO Campaign?

After much research we feel the next step is to keep generating compelling, informative content that will educate the consumer on the Who, what, when, where and why of the product. We educate the prospect and consumer on the following bullet points.

  • Why is Triple K Industries different?
  • Where can you use the Underlift?
  • How do you use the underlift?
  • Why are underlifts important?
  • Who is Triple K Industries?

Triple K Industries Add on Underlift

Triple K Industries Add on Underlift

Add on Underlift

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Triple K Industries